What sets us apart


Our content covers all the relevant neuro-musculoskeletal anatomy necessary for excelling in school, residency, fellowship, and independent practice.  Whether you are studying to pass an exam or simply want to develop your skills in diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, our videos will guide you from ultrasound basics to advanced scanning.


Learning ultrasound can be daunting, but we make it easy.  No more teaching yourself through static textbook descriptions and pictures.  Allow us to do the heavy lifting and show you how to find the important structures with the right scanning technique.  We use our expertise to make you look like an expert.


Our videos can be accessed from any browser on any device. Pull up the videos at home to prepare for the next day, in the office to review before a visit, or after hours while you practice. We've added chapters into our videos so you can find the exact spot you want to see and we have captions for sound-free learning. We're even working on a dedicated app to make our content even easier for you to access.

Detailed Scans and Quick Diagnostic Scans

Most other resources only give you two options: watch the whole video or search through for the part you need. We recognized that some people need a detailed complete scan to learn the basics while others just need a refresher before doing a scan they haven't done in a while. That's why we have complete scans learn all of the details and quick scans to get a refresher when you only have a few minutes to spare.

Number of Videos

We have over 130 videos available to help you learn how to do everything you need, from basics to diagnostic scans to procedures. The depth of available expertise for you to learn from is beyond anything you'll find on most other sites, all in one location, for far less.


We want our videos to make your learning easier than it has ever been. We want to transform the way you learn ultrasound and we're full of ideas about how to make that happen. Your membership with us isn't only an investment in your learning today. It's an investment in your future education.