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It’s time to level up your ultrasound skill set. Get the education you need any time you need it. Our videos work on any device, making it easy for you to learn at your own convenience.


Ultrasound is a complex skill set that can take years to learn. Don’t limit yourself to occasional seminars that offer limited education for a limited time. Ultrasound Guidance combines true ultrasound expertise with modern convenience to give you an educational resource that can be with you as often and as long as you need it.

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Online ultrasound education doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. We recognize that you don’t always have thousands of dollars and a full weekend to regularly dedicate to your own learning. Our videos are priced affordably to make them accessible to all and designed to be watched at whatever speed you need for however long you like.

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On demand

Our videos combine in-depth explanation with detailed visuals to make sure you’re looking at the same thing we’re looking at. Our videos are made by experts who know what it’s like to be learning ultrasound for the first time, and are targeted at learners of all levels and abilities.

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Tailored and professional

Whether you are studying to pass an exam, or simply wishing to become an expert in diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, we will personally guide you from introductory stages all the way to advanced scanning.

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